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Getting Your Business Climate Ready for Investment


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Getting Your Business Climate Ready for Investment

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Climate Resilience

The economy is transitioning from high carbon to low carbon, make sure your business flourishes during this decade of change. We sell a product that maps your business, extracts data to run through our scenario analysis models and provides decision useful information for
company leaders.

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Climate Related Financial Disclosures

We are all familiar with an annual report looking back over 12 months. We are now required to look into the future and see what risks and opportunities could exist. We can help your company:

Measure your impact on the environment to ISO 14064 and the GHG Protocol,

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Innovate Your Business Model

No matter where you are on your sustainability journey, we can bring your business to the forefront of Climate Resilience. We bring expertise from leading fields solar photovoltaic system, artificial intelligence, Batteries, hydrogen, clean cement, circular economy, clean transport….

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Leading Insight into Climate Risk and Innovation

How will the transformation from high carbon to low carbon economy effect your sector? Are there lessons from the energy sector to ensure your company remains thriving and relevant during this transition to a low carbon economy? This decade is critical as we decarbonise society and industry.

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Climate Risk is Investment Risk

Climate Matters Ltd brings a wealth of experience in the energy sector and understanding of how transition and physical risk impacted the utility business model, where some utilities thrived and others had stranded assets.

Climate Matters Ltd is a Supporter of : 

We can help you build a climate resilient business

Understanding your risks and opportunities during this transition is key to maintaining a resilient business model. Some companies are thriving during this transition, while others have lost significant market share, revenues and now have stranded assets.

We work with asset owners, investors and businesses of all sizes, who want to keep in front of climate risks and bring transparency to investor reporting.

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What they are saying?

“IPS – Integrated Project Services joined hands with Climate Matters to break down our complex emissions footprint and help establish our company-wide inventory. As an organization with many facets designing and constructing life sciences and pharmaceutical facilities, this was a crucial step in our journey to ultimately set targets and demonstrate GHG emission reduction for the sake our company and our clients’ supply chain.”


“Linesight delivers professional construction consultancy services and strategic support to multiple sectors globally since 1974. We engaged Climate Matters to support the development of our greenhouse gas emissions inventory to a recognized standard in ISO-14064 across all our operations in Americas, APAC, Europe and the GCC. Climate Matters brings a rigor from their background in the energy sector, where emissions measurement and verification has been mandatory since 2005 under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.”


“Sustainability and Climate Risk is at the forefront of Rowan Digital Infrastructure’s strategy when developing new digital infrastructure and Climate Matters has supported us in this journey”

“We engaged Climate Matters to baseline our current business model in relation to GHG emissions. As we are progressing our products towards carbon neutrality, we wanted to baseline our emissions and engage with our suppliers to do the same. We also looked at some future scenario analysis to identify the potential scale of some higher impact climate risks and will build into our strategic planning. We also identified opportunities for an agile company like MAF to anticipate future market trends.”

“We engaged Climate Matters to carry out a Business Model review and to develop a GHG inventory for our direct emissions for our chosen base year. We also looked into supply Chain risks including future scenario analysis of climate risks such as water scarcity. Climate Matters has enabled Cloud Picker Coffee to measure our impact on the environment within the GHG Framework as well as considering how climate risks might impact our business model. This sets up to discuss the same with our supply chain and customers and to progress Cloud Picker towards BCorp status.”


“Climate Matters are working closely with Technological University of the Shannon at Athlone to accelerate the verification of GHG emissions for assets using mixed reality technology. This innovation relationship is supported Enterprise Ireland to help solve the challenge of 100,000+ assets in Ireland alone requiring GHG emissions verification to a recognised standard, such as ISO 14064-3 in line with Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).”

“Pod-Trak, a leading infrastructure company in UK, Ireland, Europe, has worked with Climate Matters Ltd to baseline our Green House Gas emissions and develop decarbonisation plans.”

“Great active engagement yesterday from a group of staff from across The Shannon Airport Group assessing the physical and transition climate risks to our business lines. Looking forward to delving deeper into these areas and where the opportunities lie for our Group as society and the economy decarbonises. Thanks to Dr Cera Slevin of Climate Matters for facilitating our conversations.”


“Mainstream Renewable Power has worked with Climate Matters Ltd to encourage innovation processes and support our assessments of climate risk.”

“We at CollegeGroup wanted to carry out a climate risk audit for some time but weren’t sure where to start and thought it would take much longer than it did. Within 3 weeks, Climate Matters Ltd had developed a deep understanding of our business model, challenged it against climate risks & quantified them. Not only that we assessed how both technology and business model innovation can  grow our businesses while hedging carbon risk within the business & the supply chains. We feel this exercise has given us confidence in our business model and helped focus the key areas for change in the short and long term. Our recently commissioned bio-diesel plant is a key step for us alongside the new business lines for further resource recovery.”

“At Silver Hill Duck, we engaged TCFD specialists, Climate Matters Ltd, to carry out a Climate Risks Analysis of our current business and future strategy. We have been members of Origin Green for 9 years and became a gold member in 2021 so collecting and managing environmental data is part of our DNA. The TCFD climate risk analysis pushed us to look at longer horizons, appropriate to our infrastructure, and test our assumptions against Physical and Transition Risks. We have embedded Climate Risks into our Risk Management Process and focus also on the opportunities that exist for Silver Hill Duck, during this transition from a high to low carbon economy.”

“Agency X have been considering the impact of our business on the environment for some time. Working with Climate Matters helped us to quantify the emissions we are responsible for directly and also to start considering those emissions in our supply chain. While we have a small impact as a services company, we were keen to explore where we can make those smaller changes. We gained a clear sense of “The Why”, what GHGs are and their Global Warming Potential, Life Cycle Assessment, the 3 scopes of emissions sources and workshopped the opportunities to reduce our impact. Since then our whole team has become engaged and we can talk knowledgeably to suppliers and clients.”

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The change from a high carbon to low carbon economy is in full swing. This can have a positive effect on your business if you make the right choices now. We can help you guide your business through this transitionary period and remain not only successful, but continue to thrive while meeting green financing requirements. 

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