Climate Matters: Year-End Review and Vision for a Sustainable Future

As we close out our financial accounts for 2022 we want to thank our clients [...]

Climate Risk and Adaptation

Recently the EU Mission on Climate Adaptation launched the community of practice led by Ricardo [...]


Fancy working in a Start-Up, playing with toys and helping companies measure and reduce their [...]

Climate Matters Reflection

Only 3 years since Climate Matters was born but it’s beginning to feel more like [...]

Climate Risk & Innovation

What a great group in IRDG having spent a session this morning with the Senior [...]

Do you know your TCFD from your CSRD or SFDR 😊

Sustainability, climate risk, ESG……………. I’ve never come across such a multitude of jargon or anacronyms [...]

TCFD Working Group Ireland

Climate Matters has long been a supporter of TCFD, why? Because it makes business sense [...]

Climate Matters Ltd was selected for the 14th cycle of Going4Growth

Listening to a farming radio show on a Saturday morning, I heard some female business [...]

Enterprise Ireland Green Directory

As part of Ireland’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan and funded by the European Union, [...]