Do you know your TCFD from your CSRD or SFDR 😊

Sustainability, CSRD, SFDR, TCFD, EU Taxonomy on Sustainable Finance, Transition Risk, Physical Risk

Sustainability, climate risk, ESG……………. I’ve never come across such a multitude of jargon or anacronyms before. I thought 25 years in the energy sector had exposed me to a unique language and set of codes and even humour at times but the newness of the “sustainability” space has allowed a ferocity of jargon never seen before as well as private sector codes and ratings. The good news I think is that regulation will sweep away the covers and get under the bonnet of real climate risk exposure and quantify it. I’m impressed with the speed the US are moving at and the build-up of good transparent practices from Europe, which are being used globally.

Are your activities Taxonomy Aligned, Eligible or Not Eligible? Are you looking to invest in Climate Change Mitigation OR Adaptation? Is your activity Transitional or Enabling? Where do your companies’ activities fit against the Technical Screening Criteria for your industry? Can you prove your activities are Doing No Significant Harm and meet the minimum safeguards? Have you carried out Climate Risk assessment against acute and chronic hazards?

Strangely, we enjoy deciphering the Complimentary Climate Delegated Act, Disclosures Delegated Act, Climate Delegated Act, EU Taxonomy and SFDR and how these might even feed back into their designs and best practices. If you are interested in getting to know what applies to your company you can read the 1000 pages……….

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